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Real estate investment:
What is real estate investing
To put money in an unexpected profit projects.


* The importance of investing:.
. Increase of capital and wealth.
. Generate extra income.
. Offset the effects of inflation, and the cost of Zakat.


* What are the investment funds
Mutual funds are an ideal solution for investment so that puts a number of investors money in the Fund and the Fund is managed by investment professionals managers, to keep his investors with capital and benefit from the profits.


* Investment objective
Increase money and money work to your advantage, converting savings into capital to invest and move from saving to investing.


* Advantages of investing
1) profit
2) capital increase
* Investment requirements
1) proof (ID card, residence for non-Saudis)
2) capital (less top to invest 20 thousand reais above.)
3) bank account with IBAN.
4) contracts and guarantees (contract mo’thk of the Chamber of Commerce, investment certificate, cheque, warrant
bond amount)


Investment program
(1 prepayment 20,000 riyals to open investment fund.
(2 capital guarantee cheque prop catch and hold mo’thk of the Chamber of Commerce and investment insurance certificate.
3) contract duration.
4) monthly revenues grew 4% to 10%
Annual profits up (5 or 30%
(6 each as more capital increased profits.


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